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3D Wallpaper in 3DS Max Tutorial #1

February 8, 2017

This is my first tutorial on my website. This tutorial shows you have to make a 3D wallpaper in 3DS Max and Photoshop. You not only get to build the scene step by step with me in this 3DS Max tutorial, you will also learn about lighting, some texturing in Adobe Photoshop and finally make it presentable.

In this video, I first show you what your output looks like, then we move onto 3DS Max where I show you the clouds, and earth model. I then tell you about the lights I used. Next you go to Photoshop to see how layerwise I have made the background and sun. This was just an overview. The proper modelling starts here on and we start by making a sphere. We take render outputs in between to see how are output looks like.

The video doesn’t include a talking head just written instructions in short which helps you go though the video quickly. This video assumes you have the knowledge of 3ds Max and it’s interface and know how to work in Photoshop. In case you are new to 3DS Max, I recommend you to take my basics course on Udemy and get back to me. I will be making many more courses on my website as well. I am just starting out with a lot of things and hope to make it helpful for all of you and also learn with you by looking at your outputs.

Your output is as follows:

3D Earth Background in 3DS Max

3D Earth Background in 3DS Max

So go through the video, follow me on Youtube and catch me on Facebook for any doubts.

Hope this helps you with more ideas and you share those here.

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