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Ditching Interview Trend You Should Know!

Ditching Interview Trend You Should Know!

January 7, 2018

This article highlights the latest way some companies have resorted to, to get their work done for free. Yes, you heard that right – FOR FREE! Then who pays for the work in terms of time and money? YOU! Yes, the candidate interviewing (assuming the reader is reading this post for interview purposes).

I’ll share my experience in short to get you upto speed with this scenario. I have worked on big and small projects both via a startup and on freelance basis. Ideally, if you register a company and take projects, you tend to get more projects than doing them as freelancer, apart from other benefits of higher charging. So coming back to the topic, I have an online portfolio, a facebook page to showcase my work. I share these for evaluation purposes to interviewing companies. Quite a few of them see 1-2 work and call up, some don’t even go through the work and while interviewing they go through work and decide if my work suits them or not. Another type of companies are those who want some work to be done hiding behind the “testing phase” of interview. Inspite of the work shown in portfolio, a demo is asked to be produced. The end result is going to be that they will ask for original files and then you get no responses there after. To get their work done, they might also send changes, add incentives but the moment you decide to talk about it, you become the bad person and they start hiding and responding less. You do give your original files as they are of no use to you, and also because you think that you are giving it as a test and not giving those files will disqualify you from the process. I have had 5 such experiences, 2 foreign companies, rest Indian itself. The moment I asked about money for work, hesitated to give original files, they started shrugging away.

This way they get their work done for free and make us (the candidates look like fools.) This wasn’t the case initially, but past 1.5 years,  I am seeing this trend. I fail to understand when you take someone’s assistance what is wrong in paying them for it? You would not make a penny if not for the other person’s help, so why no reward them, make a good relation and build your network. Why run after money and greed so much that human sentiments, connections are just left digital. Then you see Linkedin being filled with “Motivating Quotations” from these exact same Co-Founders, CEO, HR making themselves look like victims. It’s becoming a selfish, greedy world with no value of life(in all forms human and animal) and it’s gifts.

Be Careful and Be Upfront!

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